"Follow Your Heart,
It Knows The Way"

You're not alone if you're feeling lost, empty and struggling to reconnect with your true self or feeling stuck in a deep rut, unsure about how to initiate changes in your life, or if you're struggling to find a sense of purpose in your life.

It's a unique and individual journey that requires patience, self-compassion, and a willingness to embrace the unknown.

As women, we often have a lot on our plate, juggling work, family, and all the other responsibilities that come with being a Mum, Wife and Partner. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming, even stifling, especially when our efforts and sacrifices go unappreciated and our hard work is taken for granted. We feel like we're all alone and drifting away into a dark place.

The journey towards becoming your true self, one that is aligned with your heart and values, begins with clearing the fog from your mind. This means taking the time to reflect on what truly matters to you and what your priorities, passions, and goals are. Remember, when you know better, you can do better. Start by educating yourself and applying that knowledge to create the extraordinary life you were always meant to lead.

With time, effort, and support, however, it is possible to reconnect with your true self and rediscover a sense of purpose and direction in your life.




Hello, my name is Malti, Hello, my name is Malti, and I'm a mother, reader, traveller, motivational speaker, and transformational coach. Over the past Six years, I've embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, seeking a life filled with happiness, health, and abundance. Amidst this journey, one significant aspect that transformed my life was my commitment to reclaiming my health and vitality.

As a busy mum, you lose track of your own wants and needs. I realised that to truly live a fulfilling life and balancing our busy jobs and families, I needed to prioritise my health. Thus began my journey towards a healthier, fitter me. Through perseverance and dedication, I witnessed incredible transformations unfold. Not only did I shed excess weight and regain my energy, but I also rediscovered a sense of confidence and empowerment that had long been dormant within me.

Today, as a motivational speaker and transformational coach, I am passionate about sharing my journey and empowering other women to embark on their own paths to wellness. I believe that every woman has the power to rewrite her story and create a life of abundance and fulfillment.



Do you feel a whisper inside you, urging you to step out of your comfort zone and live your life to fullest? Maybe it's a small voice that's getting louder and louder, or a feeling that won't go away.

Whatever it is, it's there for a reason, and we're here for you to find the courage and confidence to listen to your heart and intuition, and follow your inner voice.

You're not an accident - you're meant to be here, and the cosmos created the right environment and time for you to be born. You're unique and special, and only you can listen to your heart and intuition. You own it, it belongs to you - and you'll never regret following your inner voice. You are the one puzzle piece of this cosmos that no one else can fill.

I'm here to help you connect with your heart and find your own creative and unique version of yourself.



Do you feel disconnected with yourself or find yourself struggling with mental and physical health issues?

Are you tired, sad, and lacking energy to carry out daily tasks? Do you wonder why your life feels like a mess, why you're always angry, annoyed, or frustrated?

If so, then you may need to reinvent the wheel of your life to achieve a sustainable and fulfilling existence with mindful living.

As a woman, we likely have a lot on our plate. We are juggling work, family, and all the other responsibilities that come with being a Mum, Wife and Partner. While there's a lot to be grateful for in our life, there may also be times when we feel like we're suffocating under the weight of it all. It's common to feel overwhelmed and stressed when you have so much going on, especially when you're also trying to find your way back to the person you used to be.

In today's fast-paced world, we often spend too much time indoors, away from our natural environment. This can lead to disconnection from everything around us, including ourselves. Our bodies are part of the earth, and when we're close to nature, we feel nurtured and happy. However, being away from it for too long can have subtle yet significant effects on our bodies and minds, which become more apparent over time.

A mindful lifestyle is about living in harmony with nature, cultivating stillness and calmness in our minds. When we're in harmony and connected with nature, we naturally feel healthy and happy. Unfortunately, this connection is missing in today's world, and we're paying the price with our mental and physical health.

Our online course will provide you with the knowledge and tools to create a happy, healthy, and connected life with divinity around us. You'll learn how the body and mind function and how to implement this knowledge in your daily life. By doing so, you'll build a solid foundation for a fulfilling and sustainable existence that you'll cherish for years to come.

Join us today and start your journey towards nurturing your body through our Reclaim Your Body weight loss program.


"What you are looking for is already in you. You already are everything you are seeking." - Thic Nhat Hanh
Finding your way back to yourself

Are you ready to begin your journey to reconnect with your true self and find your way back to yourself?

I believe that everyone has the power to transform their life and live authentically. If you're feeling disconnected from your true self and are ready to make a change, you're in the right place.

In this simple, yet powerful guide, you'll learn 5 simple steps to reconnect with your true self and start living an authentic and fulfilling life.

This FREE guide is designed to help you take the first step towards reconnecting with your true self and creating a life that is authentic, fulfilling, and true to who you really are.